25 Modern Wall Art Design Ideas For Living Room

There are plenty of design and interior design tips for the living room to consider when it comes to modern wall art. While there is no right or wrong choice, it can be a challenge to find an original, yet stylish, look. Here are some basic design ideas for living room walls:Decide your own theme. The modern wall art idea is not limited to just wall-length pieces. For an added edge, why not break up the main theme of the room by covering large pieces with many smaller pieces? A beautiful piece of large art can be accentuated with bolder pieces of art that will not overshadow the big piece but really break up the appearance of the room. And that’s just what’s so great about modern art!

An easy solution for creating separation is to use other items as accents. By adding candles, mirrors, or interesting art to a painting or wall hanging, the illusion is complete. There are also decorative pieces such as wrought iron furniture or cushions to add even more contrast. Another simple way to create great atmosphere is to add fabric by using a sheer curtain in the window to contrast the darker carpeting. By using different colored curtains or throw rugs, the room can be painted a little more brightly.An easy way to incorporate this interior design tip is to replace the dominant color in the room with one that matches the look of the modern wall art. For example, the lightest white wall would work as the dominant color in the room. Once the paint is applied, the lighter, softer shade would be a subtle addition to the room.

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