Kids Garden for Healthier and Happier Children

Nowadays, many children are occupied with screens, either from their smartphone, laptop, or television. To fight this habit, parents and educators surprisingly choose dirt as a weapon. Scientific studies in recent years have found that having kids garden and gardening activity leads to healthier and happier children. So, even though only in a small garden, guide children to participate in gardening activities.

Healthier Children

Gardening activities in the kids garden are not only enhancing children’s physical health but also their mental health. 

Physical wise, gardening activities help kids to spend their energies in productive tasks and make them willingly consume fruits and vegetables to help them grow. Children often have extra energies and gardening in a kids garden help to burn these off by planting seeds, watering plants, and harvest the produce. 14 studies of school, community, and after-school garden programs discovered that in 10 of them, kids willingly ate more fruits and vegetables after participated in the program. Involvement in planting and harvesting the vegetables and fruits gives a connection that a trip to buy them in a supermarket can never give.

Mentally, a survey of 96 families in the Midwest found that children with attention deficit disorder who were involved in gardening did better in a self-discipline test. The study shows that “green” activity is chosen when parents are asked which activity gives positive impacts on their children’s symptoms. 

Garden kids with a model of the wooden house source
Gardening activities when harvesting carrot source
Children’s park, a vertical model with colorful little buckets source
Used tires as a place for gardening for a healthier children’s par source
Healthy activity for children is gardening source
Vegetable growing activities that parents teach their children to channel children’s energy to be healthier source
Creating parks for gardening to channel children’s activities to be more active and healthy source
Colorific garden for gardening various kinds of vegetables source
An idea for designing your garden using bricks source
A combination of biointensive gardens and square gardens to stimulate the children’s creative ie when gardening source
Pumpkin garden in the form of a triangular tunnel source
Colorfules mini garden for your little one’s gardening activities source
Some vegetables are planted in a box at the back of your house source
Children harvest fresh red tomatoes source
Showing one pot can grow several types of plants source
Planting seeds in a box-shaped garden source
Wooden pots for various types of green vegetables source
Children watering and caring for plants source

Happier Children

Gardening can help children acquire new abilities. It can also boost children’s self-confidence and self-discipline. More importantly, being in outdoor and have active involvement in gardening such as digging the soil, and watching plants grow can make children happier.  

Marry Moody, the author of Kids in the Garden, claims gardening as a natural mood booster to children. She believes that natural elements that boost serotonin levels can be found in the soil. The elements work to enhance children’s moods. It functions like endorphins brought on by exercise. 

Colorful pots specially designed to make kids happy when gardening source
Children are learning to plant seeds in the soil regularly source
Gardening is indeed very fun when done together with relatives source
Kids watering summer flowers in a mini garden source
Encourage your child to do fun activities, such as gardening source
Sowing seeds in pots of compost source
Harvest onions bombay in the backyard garden source
Children are trying to move plants from small pots to bigger and wider pots source
Gardening is a fun activity, but still must be accompanied by parents source
Children who are playing and learning gardening outdoors source
Preschoolers who are cool watering the garden source
Gardening is a fun and beneficial activity to apply to children from an early age source
Castle & Cubby specialise in creating unique play spaces that encourage discovery and exploration source
How happy when you can do fun activities with your child source
Diversity Through Arts and Crafts source
Ice cream sticks are useful for distinguishing the seeds that you have planted earlier source
Homemade cute pots for your favorite plants source

Gardening is not limited to ages, but children in particular can have a lot of benefits from this fun activity. Knowing these facts, build your own kids garden not only to fight children’s screen habit but also to make your kids healthier and happier. 

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