3 Best Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas for Small Apartment

We know that working on home décor in a tiny space can be troublesome. But you need to keep in mind that less space means more creativity. Your tiny kitchen will also exude its best look if you give a little touch on the wall.
One of the easiest things is to take a glance at your kitchen walls. Are they properly decorated? Do they have artwork or a pot attached? Do they look stained or glamorous? You need to be honest to yourself whether your kitchen wall is in its saddest condition. If yes, you will need these three latest kitchen wall décor ideas for small apartment. 

1. Maximise the Green Look on Your Wall

Greenery will never fail to please everyone’s eyes. Therefore, bringing the plants in your kitchen is a worthy idea to try. You can have hanging or wall-mounted planters to get this work.

The greenery will eventually add life and nature to your walls. You need to mix and match the planters’ sizes. Find one that suits your small space kitchen wall. 

Besides its decorative function to your wall, these hanging or wall-mounted planters’ advantage you for an exclusive indoor herbs garden. You can grow some herbs such as mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, etc. 

Brilliant bohemian farmhouse decor source
Minimalist kitchen with flowers on the wall source
Vines on the walls of a minimalist kitchen source
Bohemian kitchen design source
Green flower pots on the table source
Green plants on the wall shelf source
Red brick wall decor source
Small kitchen with a beautiful flower source

2. Add a Statement to the Kitchen Wall

Paintings, prints, ceramics, photos, decorative mirrors, antique plates, sculptures, motivational quotes, or other artwork forms can add a statement to your empty kitchen wall. Choose one of them, and you need to consider its frame size before fixing it to the wall. 

Ceramics, for example, you can have three or four ceramics in random sizes. Then, fix them to a wall in a certain arrangement. Make sure that you arrange them in their best aesthetic look. So, they will exude a more stunning kitchen image.

A bold blue-framed of a motivational quote can be so eye-catching in a straight white kitchen wall. You can fix it somewhere on your empty kitchen walls such as over a sink and a backsplash.

Beautiful round mirror in a small kitchen source
Photo and antique plates on the wall source
The painting on the wall shelf source
Photo on the wall of a small apartment source
Modern Small Kitchen source
Flower paintings on the wall source
Long mirror in the kitchen source
Antique dishes on the kitchen shelf source
Black and white ceramics source

3. Advantage the Cabinets

The cabinets are the best wall décor. They do not only function as decorative items but also storage for your kitchen. Therefore, you need to creatively select cabinets’ colours and design to support your wall kitchen look.

To accentuate the positive energy of your kitchen decor, opt for glossy blue cabinetry to match your light blue accent toile wallpaper and dark hue tiles flooring. Everybody who enters the kitchen will surely get the energy transferred. 

Contrasting countertops for your kitchen source
Beautiful blue kitchen cabinet source
Blue teal kitchen source
Design for small kitchen in blue source
Design for small kitchen in blue source
Kitchen with blue cupboards source
The Ultimate blue farmhouse kitchen source
Blue cabinets in small apartment kitchen source
Navy blue paint for kitchen cabinets source

Those are all the latest kitchen wall décor ideas for small apartment you can copy. Hopefully, you find them helpful and inspiring. So, your tiny space apartment can exude its stunning kitchen images and functional roles.


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