3 Best DIY Décor Inspirations for Apartments

Living in an apartment will never be boring! If you’ve just moved into a new apartment (either as renters or owners), it is understandable you are short of cash to do apartment decorating. Yet, don’t give up. With a little creativity and some DIY apartment décor, you can spruce up your apartment look on a budget and make it feel more like you. We’ve got three best DIY décor inspirations for apartments that you can try. 

1. DIY Crate Ottoman

Personalize your seating area with an inviting DIY crate ottoman. The project requires some painting, woodcutting, and drilling. However, don’t worry since it only needs basic skills. 

You can add your exclusive taste to the ottoman by selecting cloth material for the stool. Use floral-patterned cloth for shabby-chic style lovers, bright and soft plain-colored cloth for minimalist fans, and superheroes-patterned cloth for movie maniacs. 

If you have a few of these DIY crate ottomans on hand, you can use them as extra storages and outstanding additions to your living room area. They are beautiful and stylish.

The best DIY cratte ottoman decor for apartement source
Fantastic superhero-patterned cloth on ottoman crates source
Simple crate ottoman for your minimalis apartement source
Burlap with ottoman crates is the perfect classic fusion source
Ottoman crates with floral fabrics for shabby chic style lovers source
A crate ottoman is the best furniture for outdor decoration source
Pay attention to the details of the ottoman coffin to make it look the same as your room decor source
It was stunning ottoman crates with plain grey fabric source
Long ottoman crates with plush white sofa cushions source
Crate ottoman coffe table source
Five crate ottoman pattern style with a sofa in your living room source
Amazing DIY crate ottoman for shoes rack source
Adorable DIY crate ottoman with wheels on each side source
Union city tufted storage ottoman source
Simple ottoman crates with shabby floral motifs source

2. DIY Tin Can Luminaries 

Don’t trash, but upcycle! You can keep the world green and level up your apartment décor at the same time. What should you do? You need to create luminaries from tin coffee and soup cans. They are surely gorgeous and glowing. 

Start thinking about what design of luminaries you want to have in a tin can. Then, poke holes in the tin can to create the design, such as stars, moon, butterfly, and even random holes. 

Don’t forget to give a spray of color to match your home theme. However, you need to select the paint carefully. Use the one that is safe for fire because you are going to lit a candle inside it. 

Elegant DIY tin can luminiaries with snowflake motif source
USA flags design on coffee cans source
Welcome autumn soon with the warmth of the coffe cans momiji leaf DIY design source
Colorful palete a coffee cans shiny with unique design source
Soup cans with fish luminaries design source
Black coffee cans with leaf luminaries design source
Luminaries stars design on the soup cans source
DIY luminaries christmas with White color coffee cans source
Artistic DIY luminaries design coffe cans source
Simple love DIY luminaries design source
Gorgeous DIY luminaries abstrak design source
Beautiful floral design DIY luminaries coffe cans source
Cute DIY christmas luminaries source
DIY luminaries tin coffee cans with the best map design source

3. DIY Wooden Key or Jewelry Holder 

Have you experienced losing a key or damaged jewelry because you have no place to store them? Avoid those bad experiences by making your private wooden wall holder. You only need barn wood, hook, knob, and pegboard tray.

Find the best size of the barn wood that suits your room. Then, polish it with sandpaper to smooth its surface. You can coat the wood with polyurethane or paint it in colors to make it shining.

Once the barn wood is ready, you need to screw in hooks, knobs, and a pegboard tray. Your functional and outstanding DIY décor for apartments is ready to manage your items. 

Simple two side DIY jewelry holder source
DIY jewelry holder with wood shed rough texture source
Simple triangle design DIY wooden keys source
Wooden box DIY jewelry holder source
DIY wooden key with rack of books source
Modern entryway organizer with magnetic key hooks in choice of hardwood, mid century modern style source
Hooks mountain shelf necklace DIY holder source
DIY wooden jewelry holder decor on the wall source
Rustic key rack DIY holder source
Modern rustic entryway mail key organizer source
Wall mount jewelry organizer, earing holder, and necklace storage source

See, those three best DIY décor inspirations for apartments are easy to do even though you are new and amateur to DIY projects. Are you ready to save more money and find more DIY ideas? Just go for them.


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