Easy DIY Furniture: Hanging Shelves from Cardboard

For those who need fancy home decor but need to save money, DIY furniture made from cardboard can be your solution. It is affordable material and easy to find. Here are several tips to make your fancy hanging shelves by using cardboard.

1. Draw a plan.

Get a piece of paper and draw a plan of your hanging shelves. You can find inspiration from the Internet, yet drawing your unique version is also recommended. For starters, a simple and easy plan is the best. You can get started by drawing a rectangle of 50 x 90 cm and divide it into three rows.

Prepare the cardboard that you will make
After preparing the cardboard then draw a floor plan

2. Collect tools and materials.

Start listing the tools and materials you need to make your DIY furniture plans. Collect your cardboard, recycled paper, scissors, paper adhesive or glue, a ruler, a brush and paint. Do not forget to gather nails to hang your fancy furniture.

Then prepare a tool to cut it, namely scissors
Glue as cardboard adhesive

3. Start scoring.

Draw a plan on the cardboard. To make your shelves stronger, uniting three pieces of cardboard is helpful. Following the scoring guidance on number 1, you can start by making 15 pieces on 50 x 30 cm cardboard for horizontal frames and six pieces on 90 x 30 cm cardboard for vertical frames.

prepare pieces of cardboard
then unite your cardboard

4. Cut and paste.

Cut all the scored cardboard pieces and get started by pasting 15 pieces of 50 x 30 cm into three thick board pieces and six pieces of 90 x 30 cm into two thick board pieces using paper adhesive or glue. Make sure you glue all over the surface. Finally, paste all board pieces based on your plan.

the pieces were then put together
put the pieces together using glue adhesive

5. Cover the edges and paint your shelves.

Let it sit until the furniture dries. To make it neat, cover the edges with recycled paper. Applying glue on all over the surface is good to avoid bumpy and empty areas on it. Then, paint them in your favourite colours!

then paint your cardboard
let the cardboard dry and cover the edges with paper

6. Set them on the wall.

Let your shelves dry. Meanwhile, you can score the size of your shelves onto the wall to put nails. The last, set the shelves on the wall and voila! Your DIY home décor is ready to decorate your space!

A beautiful cardboard hanging racks with plaid motifs to put on your home wall
An incredible design hanging rack with floral motif to put your books and flowers on
A simple hanging rack with straps to inspire your cardboard shelf

Those are some DIY furniture tips on making fancy hanging shelves from cardboard. You can also make other DIY home décor projects by using cardboard.


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