31 Amazing Pumpkin Halloween Carving Ideas You Need To Try

Pumpkins are always Halloween classic. No matter how old you are, carving and decorating pumpkins to look a certain way is always fun! Moreover, these days, there just so many pumpkin carving ideas that you can adopt to make your Halloween even more fun! From scary, funny, to just straight up silly – you name it! Before you start carving pumpkins, we suggest that you choose pumpkins that are not too ripe. We want something that we can carve out of and ripe pumpkins would just fall apart easily. Also, if you want something scary, get some store-made Halloween accessories such as fake teeth and stuff. Now with that out of the way, let’s see what we can with pumpkin carving by looking through our collections of pumpkin carving ideas that would inspire you and your family! 

First thing to do is to decide what design you want to do. Skim through our pictures and see which one you like the best. Then, prepare a sharp knife or any sharp object to cut through the skin of the pumpkin. Oh, don’t forget to glue gun too! If you’re under the age of 18, ask your parents for help as hot guns and knives are dangerous to operate alone. Now, if you have everything prepared, print the picture of your desired pumpkin, and get a pencil. Trace the picture along with a pencil and then stick the picture on your pumpkin and start carving! Put the other decorations you get from the store and be creative with it. Happy Halloween! image source


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