Best and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Dream House

The fact that it’s October is enough to be excited for Halloween. It’s a beloved holiday for all kids across America, no matter the age. In fact, even bigger teens and twenty-something-year-old are also enjoying this spooky holiday. Well, what’s there not to like anyway? Kids get to dress up with costumes, go up to strangers, get candy and hang out with their friends all night. Another thing about Halloween that people love wholly is decorating! As people would be ringing the doors all night, might as well make your house scary and spooky with awesome Halloween decorations right? however, sometimes these decors can be pretty expensive. Don’t worry though! Here are some of the best and cheap DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

Do you know that you can basically make creepy decors from just anything? We know it’s hard to believe but even toilet papers can be a good material for Halloween decorations. It really depends on how creative you are as a person! You can make real life size ghosts out of toilet paper and put them in your yard. You can even make multiple of them and put a bonfire in the middle. It’s perfect to create that ghost dancing around a bonfire vibe. If you can find cheap pumpkins, carving pumpkin is always a fun activity! Make it as scary as you possibly can and be creative. Best of luck!

DIY Ghost from Ping Pong Ball

Image Source / Tutorial by Unoriginal Mom

DIY Flying Ghost from Used Goods

Image Source / Tutorial by Everyday is a Crafting Day
Image Source / Tutorial by Deavita
Image Source / Tutorial by The Navage Patch

DIY Halloween Tangled Spider Web

DIY Huge Halloween Spider

Homemade Scarecrow

Image Source / Tutorial by Imgur
Image Source / Tutorial by Flickr

DIY Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

Image Source / Tutorial by Instructables

DIY Bats Black Decoration

Image Source / Tutorial by Between Naps on The Porch

DIY Pumpins Decoration

DIY Halloween Front Porch


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