5 Best Pathways Garden Landscaping to Beautify Your Home Page

A pathway’s function in your garden is not only for walking but also stating your garden’s look. That’s why you should consider your garden theme before choosing the best pathways design. Furthermore, here some stunning pathways garden landscaping ideas you can try. 

1. Pallet Pathway

This el pathway made of some wood pallet, that placed one after another, with small gaps in between. You can arrange it along your garden’s path as you desired. The gap between the pallet also gives space for plants to grow. This idea will give a modern and earthy look to your garden.

2. Stone Step Pathway

This concept is suitable for those of you who have a countryside-themed garden. You can create a pathway using some fine cut river stone and arrange it along the path. You can also put some night light on each side of the pathway to make it look beautiful when the night comes.

3. Flagstone Pathway

For you who prefer a bright look for your garden pathway, flagstone can be a perfect choice. It usually comes in reddish or orange tone color and will blend and look gorgeous when you combine it with flower and bush in each side. You can use a variety of sizes flagstones, arrange it like a jigsaw puzzle, and then use gravels to fill its gaps.

4. Paver and Pebble Pathway

If you want to give a modern look to your garden pathway, you can try to combine paver and pebble, like this concept. Choose the square flagstones and arrange it symmetrically. Then, fill the gap with pebbles. To make it look more modern and luxurious, you can combine and grey stone.

5. Mulch and Stone Pathway

To make this look, you need some square flat stones and put it on your desire path. You can combine the contrast color between the stone and the sand around it. If you choose bright stone, you can frame it using dark sand, and vice versa. Moreover, this concept is perfect for you who have a minimalist garden concept.

Those are some stunning pathways garden landscaping ideas that you can try. When choosing the materials, make sure you choose the one that will long-lasting and have a low maintenance cost.


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