3 Easy DIY Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

With a tiny kitchen, every appliance you need will be within your reach, and there are also some other small kitchen advantages. However, without the right kitchen storages, there is a possibility that you will have a messy and cramped tiny kitchen. To solve this problem, you need to be creative and maximize every empty corner hiding in your pantry kitchen. Here are 3 easy DIY storage ideas to help you store your kitchenware effectively within your small kitchen.

1. DIY Pull-Out Shelf

If you have narrow nocks in your kitchen, you can build your own pull-out kitchen storages to fill them in.

To build it, you need a few boards, a couple of wheels, a handle or knob, and wood screws.

You can start by putting all the boards together with screws to create the storage frame.

Your pull-out DIY storage is ready to go after you can mount the knob and wheels. Install a stopper on the floor to avoid the shelf from falling. You can hide this shelf when you don’t need it and pull it out when needed. 

2. DIY Floating Shelf

When you are short on kitchen storages and have space on the walls, a floating shelf is the best option to give you extra storage. Crown molding and a few screws are the only things you need to make this DIY storage. You can mount the crown molding on your wall within arm’s reach to easily access it. You can also install some hooks under the shelf to make a pot rack and hang kitchen utensils. 

Image Source / Tutorial by Angela Marie Made

3. DIY Pegboard Kitchen Storage

Pegboard is another DIY storage to put on your wall. All you need are pegboard, a drill, hooks, and a coat of paint. Attach the pegboard on the wall with a drill, leave some spaces in between to install the hooks. Now you can hang your pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils here. Paint the pegboard to match your wall. This way, you can have a stylish extra kitchen storages solution.

With these easy DIY storage ideas, you can have the benefits of a small kitchen as well as extra kitchen storages to keep your kitchen perfectly organized.


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