5 Fabulous Small Backyard Garden Landscape Design

Not all houses have spacious backyard. Whereas, every homeowner would want to have a backyard that can be planted with a variety of favorite plants. If you are one that has a small backyard garden, don’t be discouraged. Here are some small backyard garden landscape designs that might inspire you. 

1. Hanging Garden

You can create a hanging garden to overcome the small garden area. To make it look more attractive, you can try various concepts, ranging from colorful to rustic. You can adjust it to the hanging pot model you are using.

2. Rustic Small Backyard

You can create a rustic style design in your small yard by adding a bamboo fence and mini fountain made of stacked wooden barrels. Also, decorate your garden with small rocks and flowers to bring out more the impression of the countryside.

3. Pallet Flower Display

This design is a perfect idea for you who want to create a mini flower garden. You can paint the old pallet with your favorite color, then store your flower pots there. Each level can hold several flowerpots so that it will save space.

4. Vertical Cans Garden 

Vertical gardens save more space than the horizontal one. To create your vertical garden, you will need a wood trellis, tin cans, and pot hangers. Put colorful flowers to make it more charming. If you more like a colorful concept, you can also paint the cans with some bright or pastel colors.

5. Spiral Mini Garden

Are you bored with the usual mini garden concept? You can create spiral pots and plant them with various flowers. In addition to saving space, this will also create a beautiful and unique mini garden concept.

Those are some small backyard garden landscape designs that might inspire you. These ideas are suitable for you who have a narrow space to grow crops at home. All you need is a little creativity and effort.


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