3 Easy Minimalist Bedroom Decoration for Small Rooms

A bedroom is not commonly seen by other people. Therefore, it is easy to let this room get messy and cluttered—especially when life gets busy, and it seems hard to find time to clean the room, moreover decorating it. However, a minimalist bedroom can be the best choice to make your room look good and at the same time minimalizing the effort you take to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some ideas you can apply to your bedroom.

1. Use Neutral Colour Palette

Choose white or other muted colour theme for your bedroom for a minimalist touch. You can apply it to your simple furniture such as paper lantern that will give you a nice soft glow to help you sleep tight at night. You can also add a small bowl on your nightstand to keep small clutter such as jewellery. Not only it looks good, but it also keeps your room from any clutter.

2. Minimalist Bed 

For a minimalist bed, choose a simple one that doesn’t have too much accent. Opt for a low platform bed that will give your room a simple and calm feel. A simple black accent is perfect for a minimalist room and keeps it from looking boring. Because minimalism is not equal to boring. Next, you also need to keep the bedding simple and nice. You can also add a wool throw for an aesthetic look.

3. Low Ground Furniture

Opt for low ground furniture if you have a small room with a low ceiling. This type of furniture gives an impression of high ceilings and will make your room appear larger. Going minimalist doesn’t mean that your room should be empty without decoration or accessories. You can still add some knick-knacks, but choose one with purpose. Use only accessories that you love most or that are really functional.

Monochromatic room is the perfect colour of choice for a minimalist room. It gives your room a relaxing feel and a sophisticated look at the same time. You can also add hints of colour like brass accent lighting for a more sophisticated look. Due to its simple and great selection of furniture, minimalist style is great for a small room.


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