5 Best Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Your home is your castle. Instead of surrounding your home with a moat, it is better to landscape your yard to add colors and warmth there. It will give a pleasing look too. For you who want to landscape your yard, you can use the 5 best landscaping ideas for front yard.  

1. Greet Your Guests with Flowers

Make your home more welcoming using flowers. Adding a beautiful flower such as lily, petunia, and roses will make your front yard even greater. If you have limited space between the street and your house, build a low fence to create an illusion that your home is farther from the street than it actually is.

2. Add the Height using Planters and Baskets

Place eye-catching layers to your yard using hanging baskets and elevated planters to create a dimensional landscape. Besides, adding them into the garden also gives beautiful colors and creates a visual effect of blossoms waves.

3. Grow Some Blooming Shrubs

The easiest way to landscape the front yard is by planting blossoms. Blooming flowers, trees, and shrubs to create an incredible effect across your yard. 

4. Create Neutral Lines

If you don’t like excessive design, this landscaping type will be a good option for you. Add gorgeous grass, create the edge with small curves on mulching completed with wild-like flowers and small bushes and white.

5. Unique Texture

Landscaping your yard shouldn’t be all about flowers and plants. In fact, texture can work well too. Add a beautiful design of stones, gravel mist, and river rock, then complete them with some potted plants.

That’s all 5 best landscaping ideas for your front yard. Do not only think about the look, but also remember to make sure that you create accessible and manageable landscaping. image source : www.pinterest.com

So, which one of the above ideas that be your favorite one?


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