25 Simple yet Functional Bedroom Design Ideas

Implicity creates a sense of comfort, which is important when it comes to a bedroom design. When added with functionality, it turns into a minimalistic design. Each of the items inside your bedroom needs to serve more than one purpose. Complimented with the right choice of color and decors, you’ve got yourself a functional yet minimalist bedroom. Here are three steps that could get you a long way. 

First Step: Color Play

Having one or two colors for your overall bedroom design is necessary to create a minimalistic bedroom. Usually, the theme uses neutral color schemes such as white or cream. It creates a sense that your space is bigger than it already is. To make it not boring, you may use darker colors for your decoration and furniture. Black, brown and dark blue is the perfect example for this. 

A Combination Of White And Pink Walls For Minimalist Bedroom
A Fantastic Color Play With Wall Painting For Minimalist Bedroom
A Fantastic Dark Grey And White Walls For Minimalist Bedroom
A Fantastic Natural White And Grey Walls For Clean Bedroom

Second Step: Multipurpose Furniture

Having multipurpose furniture will limit the amount of stuff inside while not making you miserable. An example of how you can do this bedroom design minimalist is to treat any furniture as a storage space. For example, your sofa could have some space underneath so that you can store things there. Your coffee table could be tailored to becoming a standing, working table. There is a lot of multipurpose furniture sold nowadays that you won’t find this hard to find. 

A Brilliant Under Bed Storage In The Minimalist Bedroom
A Clever Cottage Bed To Store Books In The Small Bedroom
A Creative Drawers Beside The Stairs For Minimalist Bedroom
A Functional Wooden Rack For Space Divider In The Bedroom
A Minimalist Bedroom With Ladder For Drawer Storage

Last Step: Be Creative!

To create a bedroom design minimalist, you simply have to be creative with your play of color and the way you choose your furniture. There are so many things you can do and explore with this. Instead of neutral colors, you can totally use bright color as well to create a calming sensation. If you need more color to the bedroom, throw some plants here and there. Go explore the furniture or decorations that complement the overall design! 

A Beautiful Canopy For Minimalist Bedroom To Be A Cozy Room
A Comfy Minimalist Bedroom With Greenery To Create Fresh Ambiance
A Creative Bedroom Decoration With String Light For Small Space
A Cute Wall Decoration With Swing Bed For Large Bedroom
A Fantastic Butterfly Ornaments To Decorate Wall Bedroom

Indeed, minimalism has been a style that is widely chosen. Making use of one or two things, then turning them into an aesthetic design is an amazing way to design your bedroom. Don’t think of it as a burden where you can’t put your own personal decorations. Think of it as a way to train your mind to become more peaceful by having a tidy bedroom design that looks clean all the time! Image Source


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