3 How to Arrange Furniture to Maximize Living Room Space

Sometimes we look around the room in our house and think, “Since when it gets this stuffy?” If this is what happens in your living room, the stuff there are probably more than you think. Furthermore, things may get worse if your existing space is just a small-sized living room where an expanded construction sounds far from possible. 

While the option of throwing some of the furniture out may be on your list right now, our tips and tricks below can also shed you an idea on how to utilize and arrange the rest neatly without losing more space.


Clear up the floor by investing your money in wall-mounted furniture. If you love having lamps or nightstands when you read or work, there are tons of affordable wall sconces with various designs and colors that can help save the floor space. There are also wall-mounted pots or planters for you who want a fresh dash of nature without worrying about the small living room space. Besides, they also inadvertently contribute to the decoration of the room.

A Minimalist Wall Mounted Iron Rack To Decor Your Small Living Room Without Worrying About Floor Space source
A Modern Wall Mounted TV Stand To Get More Floor Space In The Living Room Decor source
A Natural Living Room With Wall Mounted Greenery To Make A Fresh Nuance Without Worrying About Living Room Space source
A Simple Wall Mounted Shelving Units To Put Your Fresh Plant In The Living Room Decoration source


Speaking of double function, having multi-functional furniture in your living room can help saving more space. You can get creative by arranging the smaller and lower cabinets to the center of the room and cover it with some stacks of cushions and fabrics to make it into a sofa for the guests. If there is a TV, gather the larger cabinets onto one side of the wall and place it on its top. These cabinets can store other stuff in the living room that you occasionally use, so you can reach them easily while saving more space. Some innovative multi-functional furniture you can consider include convertible sofa bed or storage stepladder.

A Multi Functional Pulled Out Wooden Racks Inside The Cabinet To Get More Storage In Your Living Room source
A Multi Functional Sofa That Can Pulled Out To Get Hidden Storage To Store Your Small Goods For Your Living Room Decoration source
A Multi Functional Table With Hidden Storage Inside The Table To Put Some Books In Your Living Room Decor source
A Multi Functional Wooden Table That Can Be Pulled Up To Get More Storage On Below For Your Living Room Decor Idea source


Now that you have mounted and doubled the function of some furniture, finish the arrangement by taking advantage of the living room corners. You can fit your coat rack, umbrella bin, or shoe cabinet there. For your information, there are other types of corner furniturewith affordable prices as well.

A Gorgeous Living Room With Corner Bench With Hidden Storage On Below To Your Living Room Decoration source
A Simple Wooden Cabinet At The Corner That Can Be Used To Store Your Shoes Or To Put Vase Some Books And Another Ornament To Decorate Your Living Room source
A Simple Wooden Shoe Cabinet And Coat Rack At The Corner For Your Living Room Decoration Idea source
A Wonderful White Desk To Fill The Empty Corner Of Your Living Room Decoration source

Now that you have also known of the tips in arranging and optimizing your furniture into their best potential, the only thing left to do is to conduct the living room maximization project! Always strive for your most preferred style, because a personalized living room can explain much more about someone’s self to their guests.


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