20 Minimalist Apartment Decoration Ideas for Your Small Family

Living in a minimalist apartment might be the best choice for a new family who has started a new life. There are several advantages that you can get by living in an apartment. Some of them are the location that is in the city center, the facilities, and many others. Therefore, not only the comfort that you can get but also advantages. 

Be Creative with Apartment Space

Sure, living in an apartment means a small living space. But you can always maximize your apartment room. We know living in an apartment means that you should deal with a limited area. So? Being creative on how to design your apartment is a must.

Applying decoration for your apartment should be suitable for the condition and style. There are many kinds of minimalist decoration ideas that you can choose. But, the point is not on the decoration. The key to comfortable decoration lies on the furniture, art, doodads and knick knacks that matter. Here are two ideas to make it possible.

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Double Function Furniture

As you try to use several furniture, you should choose stuff that has more than one functions. You can buy a bed with saving area underneath. Therefore, you can keep several clothes there.  Not only that, choosing a table with book storage is a good idea too. It is not only for the sake of decoration but also its function.

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Choose Matching Colors with The Decoration

After choosing the theme of decoration, let the colors play the rules. For example, when you choose the natural decoration, pick several colors that match with nature such as green, white, and brown. Applying those matching colors builds a good decoration theme. 

image source : www.pinterest.com

Having those ideas might be very beneficial for your small family. What you need to keep in mind is that the decoration ideas deal with simplicity and functionality, and the desired outcome is a roomy atmosphere. Therefore, furniture is not only for decoration, but they should also work for apartment storage organization.


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