25 Futuristic Fireplace Designs For An Art Installation-Like Living Room

It’s cold out there, and you don’t have a chimney in your house. Don’t worry; you can have a fireplace without a chimney—it uses a stove. Interestingly, you can decorate them as you like even as similar to your favorite fine art installation. Here’s how: 

1. Using unique shapes 

You can have this by “copying” what you saw at the art gallery. The idea is to have a random shape in the room, and that random shape is your fireplace. Imagine you have a ball, curve, or abstract box with fire inside. It would be so gorgeous. Also, install flue pipes too to avoid carbon inside your room.

image source : www.pinterest.com

2. Wall-mounted fireplace

If you have problems with flue pipes, this type will be easier to design. The idea is to have your design hanging on the wall. It’s like how you apply to your TV, but it’s fire instead. Try to be creative on the design by, for example, installing a painting that can open/close to become a fireplace. Remember, your material better be fireproof.

image source : www.pinterest.com

3. Furniture fireplace

Maybe it will need so many works, but it will be awesome. The idea is to decorate artworks in your furniture alongside a fireplace. You can put a unique shaped table with fire as a centerpiece, or you can have a cabinet with fire in the middle. To avoid damages of your artworks, use vent in your installation. 

image source : www.pinterest.com

4. Hanging fireplace

This one looks really hard to design, but actually, it’s easier. You can design your flue pipes come out from the ceiling with a container for the fire stove at the lower end. Make sure your pipe material is strong enough to handle the stove and fire.

image source : www.pinterest.com

5. Using vent less fireplace

Remember King Ozai’s room from The Avatar? It’s so intimidating. The idea is to make a fireplace that is set freely or vent less. To make a fireplace design like King Ozai’s, for example, you can make small pits of fire on your floor. Maybe it’s not children friendly, but the effect will be stunning.

image source : www.pinterest.com

These designs are stove based and make them eco-friendly. Also, you decorate them aesthetically. How perfect it is.


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