5 Fall Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You

You may feel sad to see your garden at fall when the bright-colored flowers of summer are already gone. But, you don’t need to worry. There are many ways to keep your garden alive by planting a fall garden.

For you who want to enlighten your garden in fall, here are 5 fall garden ideas to make your garden look attractive.

1. Begin with Your Own Style

First of all, start with your own gardening style. Think about how you would deal with empty spaces in your yard as summer flowers fade, and leaves change colors. You can begin with some flowers that grow well in fall, like pansies, petunias, and snapdragons.

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2. Create a Statement 

Turn your fall garden into an attractive landscape. Add oversized urns with trees and grasses which are weather resistant. To add visual effect, plant them into standout metals and ceramics in bright colors.

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3. Add Autumn Seasonal Plants in the Borders

Some plants grow well all year long, such as berries and deciduous (leafy) trees. Make sure to set aside the whole space of your garden to plant your summer flowers. Additionally, you can also try to plant gourds in the early fall. They will flower and produce fruit at the end of fall.  

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4. Renovate Beds

Since the weather is cooler, it will be a perfect time to move perennials in your garden. You can divide and move them at least several weeks before. It aims to give your plants time to grow new roots and recover from transplant shock.

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5. Protect Your Pot

When it comes to colder weather, you should wash and store your terra cotta and ceramic pots in a dry and cool place. It aims to prevent them from freezing and cracking. You can leave out pots from stone, fiberglass, or plastic during fall season.

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That’s all 5 fall gardenideas that may inspire you to landscape and decorate your garden. Having a beautiful garden in fall will brighten up your days, even when the days get shorter.


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