5 Charming Rustic & Farmhouse Decor Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Rustic and farmhouse decor always give warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm feelings in your house. If you want to make your kitchen feels comfortable with this decor, here are some tips and ideas for decorating in farmhouse style.

1. Paint It in White

When it comes to rural decor,white is the best option for the base color. The white color will allow you to add some touches of color and still maintain the fresh look. It can also be combined with many cooking appliances. If you don’t like white, opt for some other neutral colors. 

A Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Combination Of White Theme With Reclaimed Wood And Large Windows To Make Good Lighting
A Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design With Monochrome Style For Minimalist Look
A Simple White Pallet Walls And Ceiling For Farmhouse Kitchen Style To Give Calm Impression
A Stunning White Background With U Shaped Kitchen For Small Space To Make It Look More Spacious

2. Vintage Furniture

You should have some vintage furniture to make the kitchen feels rustic. The furniture also creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. With a good selection of furniture, decorating your kitchen with vintage details doesn’t mean that it will become old-fashioned.

A Creative Vintage Wooden Table And Chairs For Farmhouse Kitchen Island Style To Make It Comfortable
A Lovely Vintage Old Furniture Farmhouse Kitchen With Beauty Chandeliers To Create A Classic Look Yet Elegant
Best Food Prep Table In The Farmhouse Kitchen For Vintage Style To Create Warm Impression And Make It Easy When Doing Activities In The Kitchen.
The Best Style Of Farmhouse Dinning Table And Chairs That Made Of Wooden Material For Vintage Style To Charm Rustic

image source : www.pinterest.com

3. Chippy Furniture

Opt for some chippy furniture for your kitchen to get rustic and farmhouse style. You can hang an old and chippy window, ladder, or door in the corner.

A Gorgeous White Theme Farmhouse Kitchen With Neutral DIY Furniture For Home Inspiration
A Stunning Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen With Small Square Chippy Table To Save Space In The Tiny Space
A Wonderful Chippy Door For Walls In The Kitchen Farmhouse To Get Rustic Style
An Easy DIY Chippy Table And Chairs For Farmhouse Kitchen Style To Make It Look Simple

image source : www.pinterest.com

4. Flowers

Another simple way to make your kitchen having the rustic and farmhouse feels is to add some flowers. Put the flowers on your kitchen table. Make sure to choose simple flowers with the right containers. Pick pitcher, mason jar, or milk bottle to give a more rustic feeling.

A Beautiful Blooming Flowers Arrangement For Centerpieces On The Dinning Table In The Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
A Charming Sunflower In The White Pitcher For Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Decoration To Make It Look Beautiful You Should Try
A Fabulous Anemone Flowers In The White Pitcher As A Vase For Farmhouse Kitchen To Make Good Looking
A Simple Authentic Watering Can For Lavender Flowers Pot To Beautify Your Kitchen Design Idea

image source : www.pinterest.com

5. Fabric and Patterns Choice

Plaid, gingham, and toile are quite common choices when it comes to rustic and farmhouse decoration. You can use these for the curtains, tablecloths, and many more. 

A Cheap Plaid Cover Under The Sink And For Curtain For Farmhouse Kitchen Decoration
A Neutral Plain Curtains For Cover Of Wooden Cabinet In The Small Kitchen To Get Farmhouse Style
An Adorable Thin Plaid Pull Curtain That Can Be Pulled When Needed Above Glass Shelf For Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
An Affordable Beige Curtains For Farmhouse Kitchen For Window Cover At Night

image source : www.pinterest.com

It is not difficult to decorate your kitchen with this rustic and farmhouse style.You only need to keep in mind that it needs a balance between old and new furniture, so it will make your kitchen feel cozy, warm, and modern at the same time.


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