5 Creative Fall Decoration Ideas for Your Garden

You don’t have to buy expensive materials to create a fall decoration in your garden. Various items that are easy to find around the house can be used to create beautiful fall decorations. Here is some creative garden fall décor that you can try to make.

1. Pumpkin and Squash Bird Feeder

You can put a bird feeder from pumpkin and squash to give the impression of autumn to your garden. Cut the pumpkin or squash in half, then connect the two halves with a rope. Fill it with bird food, then hang it from a tree in your garden.

image source : www.pinterest.com

2. Vintage Old Wooden Chair

Don’t throw away your old wooden chair. You can put it in the garden to create a vintage impression on your garden fall decoration. Furthermore, you can keep its original colour to give it a more classic impression.

image source : www.pinterest.com

3. Fence Leaf Decoration

Use the dry leaves in your garden to decorate your fence. You can string it using yarn. After that, you can place it along your fence. This decoration is perfect for you who have a wooden fence.

image source : www.pinterest.com

4. Wheelbarrow Décor

You can make wheelbarrow part of a fall decoration in your garden. Put some autumn things, like straw, pumpkin, dried corn trees in it. Then, place it in your garden. This decoration is suitable for those of you who want to create a harvest-themed garden.

image source : www.pinterest.com

5. Scarecrow Wreath

You can create a scarecrow in your garden using straws. Arrange the straw until it shaped like a human. After that, wear clothes like a farmer. You can stick it to a tree or make it stand using a wooden stick.

image source : www.pinterest.com

Those are some creative garden fall decorations that you can try. Create a playful and pleasant atmosphere in your garden using things around you. You can combine various objects and colours according to the theme you want.


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