5 Affordable Fall Room Decoration Recommendation

Autumn is always identical with pumpkin, dried maple leaves, acorns, oats, and straw. For those of you who want to bring the atmosphere of autumn into the room, these some affordable fall room decoration might be worth trying.

1. Faux Foliage Wreath

Cut paper to form maple leaves. After that, paint it brown, orange, yellow, and burgundy. Arrange it on cardboard that has been cut into a circle before. Glue the paper leaves until one side of the cardboard gets covered. Finally, you can hang it on your door or wall.

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2. Pumpkin Vase

Cut the top of the pumpkin, then remove part of its contents. Put the plastic cup in it, then fill it with water. After that, put beautiful flowers and arrange it to look attractive. You can also paint the outside of the pumpkin with some colors and motifs to make it look more charming.

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3. Leaf Luminary

Create a warm atmosphere in your room by placing the leaf luminary in the corner of the room. To make it, you need a mason jar. Place the maple leaf-shaped on one side, then paint it orange. After that, take the maple leaf-shaped, and put the candle into it.

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4. Wine Cork Pumpkin

You can also make pumpkin-shaped decorations from some wine cork. First, arrange a few wine corks to look like pumpkins. After that, paint both sides using a pumpkin orange color. Beautify by adding fake leaves. Then place it in the corner of your room or dining table.

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5. Candy Corn Art

Those are some affordable fall room decorations that you can try to make at home. Cheap and easy-to-get ingredients make anyone can make these beautiful decorations. Thus, you can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your room without having to spend a lot of money.

image source : www.pinterest.com


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