5 Fall Decoration Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment means making the most out of a small space. It also applies when you decide on a fall decoration. Since you still need some moving space, what sort of fall decoration that is well-fitted? How do you find a fall decoration idea that is suitable for your apartment?

If you are looking for examples, perhaps these five (5) fall decoration ideas for your studio apartment can be your inspiration:

1. Floating the furniture and choosing pieces to fit the space.

Most people are tempted to push their furniture against the wall. It is believed to save some moving space in the centre. In a way, it is true. However, if you save a few inches between your furniture and the wall, it can make your room feel bigger than it really is. This trick is called “floating the furniture”.

The other strategy here is to choose furniture with the right proportions. Think of this as a jigsaw puzzle, with furniture pieces.

Source domino.com
Source wayfair.com

2. Hanging the curtains high and add the dreamcatcher by the window.

By hanging the curtains high, you give the illusion of a bigger window. Then, to add a bit of mysticism, hang a dreamcatcher by the window.

Source visi.co.za

3. Placing the rug strategically.

Choose a big, wide but thin rug. This item can also make the room in your studio apartment looks bigger than it is. For the fall, choose a yellow or orange rug.

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Source homahomy.com

4. Having one bold artwork on the wall.

When it comes to hanging frames or pictures on the wall, choose. You can at least choose two smaller pictures to hang – or just one big, bold artwork on the wall. This way, your wall will not look too stuffy.

5. Painting the walls white.

Last but not least, this is the basic idea. You get to hang or stick Halloween decorations there. For example, a gallery of witches or jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

Having a studio apartment does not mean your fall decorations should be limited. Let your creativity guide you.


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