Look at These Balcony Designs That Fit with Your Minimalist Apartment

Balcony is one of the best parts in your apartment. Why? This place can bring joy and happiness after a long day of work. Here, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery while having tea. So, having a nice balcony design is always a good idea. Here are some inspirations that you might be interested in.  

1. Minimalist Design

The best furniture that you can choose is a small chair with a table. Choose any style that you want as long as it has a simple design. To make it more beautiful, add plants. It also makes the atmosphere fresher by having several plants there. The concept of this design fits with your minimalist apartment.

image source : www.pinterest.com

2. Rustic Design

Applying a rustic bistro set incorporated with flowers can be the best idea. But, pay attention to the colors. Soft and nude colors are the best choice. To make it sweeter, add a little plant and small patterned carpet. What a wonderful balcony to enjoy the day!

image source : www.pinterest.com

3. Uber Relaxer

For this balcony design, you need more than just a small comfort chair. You’re going to need a base or padding for a “bed”. Besides enjoying the scenery around, this balcony design allows you to sit longer with comfort. Add some pillows, and it’ll be perfect!

image source : www.pinterest.com

4. Lighting Spot Design

For a more aesthetic touch, play with the lighting. Use lanterns, floor pop light, string bulbs, string lights or wick-less candles. With this simple trick, transform your balcony into a perfect place to enjoy a romantic night, with a cozy blanket, a simple table and your favorite drink. 

image source : www.pinterest.com

These are just a few ideas to make the minimalist apartment a more comfortable place to live. And since your balcony is exposed to weather, make sure that the furniture you choose is waterproof and durable against any weather.



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