5 Ideas to Create a Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalism becomes a trend nowadays. Thus, more people opt for a minimalist room design. It creates a low clutter environment while maximizing the room according to its utility. This lifestyle is especially required for those who live in small apartments. If minimalism has been your lifestyle, minimalist bathroom design is your ultimate choice. Below are some designs for your inspiration.

1. Modern Minimalism

A minimalist bathroom doesn’t need to be boring. You can get creative by placing a modern freestanding oval bathtub by the window. Stick to neutral color for the furniture so it won’t overwhelm the look. Get playful with shapes as long as you keep it simple. Opt for triangular floor tiles and asymmetric lighting frame. Minimal hardware creates a clean look.

2. Maximize the Storage

You don’t want to overwhelm your bathroom with vanity, stands, and others to organize your bathroom tools. Instead of using so many hardware, opt for one large storage for everything, shampoo, soaps, towels, bathrobe, and others. Place it above the tub to make it practical.

3. A Little Shine for a White Room

A minimalist lifestyle introduces minimalist stuff. Most people will choose all-white stuff to create a clean and simple look. However, all-white furniture seems too boring to look at although they come in various shades. Adding a solid brass bowl sink and a pot on a white minimalist bathroom vanity will create an elegant look while maintaining a minimalist look.

4. Add Some Color

Keeping everything simple with minimal furniture to create a minimalist look needs to be defined. There is nothing wrong with an orange-and-brown printed rug on the floor. Your love toward the colorful rug adds warmth onto white floors, walls, and the bathtub.

5. Come Back to Nature

Nature-inspired style can draw a minimalist look. Opt for wood paneling for wall, ceiling, cabinets, and planter. Combine them with marble floors and shower wall tiles. Some green plant is an absolute statement.

Many people who choose to live a minimalist lifestyle still love some modern and colorful vibes as much as maximalist people do. Thus, minimalism should not hamper you from expressing yourself in colors and patterns.



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