Top 5 Simple Kitchen Ideas for Minimalist Apartment

Living in a minimalist apartment does not mean living in a minimal degree of aesthetical room design. You can actually expose the finest design of each room in your apartment. Kitchen is a focal point of an apartment. Thus, design it well! To get more ideas, explore these Top 5 Simple Kitchen Ideas for Minimalist Apartment. 

1. Find Proper Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen is full of big to small size items such as cookware, dinnerware, bakeware, utensil, and appliance. Those things need to be stored in proper storage organizers. Utilizing pull out baskets, hooks, floating shelves, built-in storages, portable cabinets, and storage organizers atop is a brilliant idea. One thing for sure, never let the kitchenware make a mess. 

A beautiful pattern table in the kitchen for minimalist apartment
A brilliant small kitchen idea with blue patterned cabinets for large storage in the apartment
A DIY hanging wooden racks to store some items for small kitchen in the apartment
A cool small kitchen with wooden hanging rack, sleek table, white sink, big chimney for minimalist apartment source

2. Use All-around Kitchen Appliances

A must-to-do-list is to minimize your appliance numbers. But, how? The idea is having all-around kitchen appliances. As an example, you can buy a freestanding range cooker instead of buying a gas stove and an oven. What a space-saving, isn’t it!

A gorgeous kitchen for minimalist apartment with big window to make good lighting
The best floating shelves for cramped spaces in the kitchen apartment to look neat

3. Arrange the Electronics

If you still keep these⎯a fridge does not mean to be at the kitchen all the time, or a washing machine must not offer its best look when it is set in a bathroom⎯in mind, you are old-fashioned. More importantly, use your imagination, and freely place your kitchen appliances everywhere as long as they look good.

A creative kitchen idea that merges with laundry room for minimalist apartment to save small space
A charming white sleek seatings in the tiny kitchen for minimalist apartment

4. Play with the Colors

Combination of colors is always alluring for a small kitchen. Larger dose of brighter colors such as white, green, orange, light blue, and grey can showcase your energizing spirit to family members. For an elegant and luxurious touch, use darker tones such as black-red, brown-purple, and maroon-dark brown.

A lovely monochromatic apartment with an elegant kitchen for small space
Small kitchen Organizer ideas for apartment

5. Play with the Lighting

Wall and track lights are great for the ambient/general light. Meanwhile, under cabinet light is a task lighting type and is perfect if your kitchen has cabinets atop. In the end, you can use a pendant to get accent lighting for your kitchen. 

An amazing combination between kitchen and dining room to save small space
A best kitchen idea for minimalist apartment with wooden cabinets


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